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2018 SRC Executive:

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The 2016 GRIP Leadership Conference

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The SRC meet every second Friday in the Resource centre.

The 8 SRC executives run each SRC meeting.

We want to:

Recently we raised money for the RSPCA and the Leukaemia Foundation

SRC Roles and Responsibilities for class representatives

We believe that SRC members will:

  1. Do their best to help make the school a better place.
  2. Share information from SRC meetings with their classmates.
  3. Help their teacher to plan and run class meetings.
  4. Gather ideas and suggestions from their class and put them in the SRC box in the office.
  5. Make recommendations for their whole class at the meetings, not just their own ideas.
  6. Act as a positive role model for other students.

Code of Conduct in SRC Meetings

Students always respect all people at SRC meetings.

Every SRC member will do this by: