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At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School we believe that young people who are physically active and readily challenged in an enjoyable and safe sporting environment perform better academically. A Physical Education (PE) Specialist teacher conducts skill sessions with each class, each week. The sessions cater for the full range of abilities and are designed to be inclusive and have all students experience their own personal development. This is achieved through participation in team games and sports; students learning skills to deal with success and failure and to develop the ability to interact within various social environments.

Students will participate in a wide range of activities including athletics, basketball, orienteering, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, netball, tennis, swimming, T-ball, softball and the list is constantly changing and adapting to allow the students to test and develop their skills in as many areas as possible.

netball game

In the Junior Primary years, the practical component of PE emphasis basic sports skills, physical fitness and teamwork. It also focuses on the development of personal awareness, communication, interpersonal relationships and physically active lifestyles.

Participation in SAPSASA carnivals and competitions is encouraged and often recommended to students who show natural ability in any sport SAPSASA offers.