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Learning Japanese at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School is both a language learning and cultural experience.
Students learn Japanese and about Japan through a variety of activities such as:

Each year level grouping has a focus topic for each term as well as regular focus activities on the script of Hiragana. (Hiragana is 1 of the 3 alphabets used in Japanese and has 46 characters)

Some basic Japanese vocabulary for home:

Konnichiwa Hello
Sayonara Goodbye
Arigatou Thank you
Sensei Teacher
Ogenki desuka? How are you?
Hai, genki desu I'm well.
Nan sai desuka? How old are you?
Watashi wa ........... desu. (girls)
Boku wa ........... desu. (boys)
My name is ...................... .

Arigatou! :)